Digitization and cybersecurity

Digitization and cybersecurity

The benefits of digitization are reaching all sectors, since it allows companies to improve productivity and profitability. But this activity causes a new threat, computer attacks, which is why there is great concern in the business world about the security of digitized data.

To alleviate this threat Cybersecurity arises, whose function is to protect computer systems and the data found in them.

Cybersecurity, What measures should be taken in business world?

Maintaining data security is one of the biggest challenges in business sector, and unfortunately Spain is in the ranking of those countries most likely to suffer cyberattacks.

The National Security Institute, INCIDE, has produced several guides that can help raise awareness of the importance of corporate cybersecurity and the repercussions that these cyberattacks can have on companies.

All the guides can be accessed from this link: CYBERSECURITY GUIDES. These resources provide a foundation for the business owner to understand these threats.

To prevent a company from leaking or stealing corporate information, it must invest in this type of security. Cybersecurity offers a shield against attacks by hackers, such as “Phishing” or “Ransomware”, among many others that can make it very expensive if prevention measures have not been implemented.

Procedures that must be implemented for digital security

Prevention is the best weapon to avoid possible threats, although no company is one hundred percent free of risk. A strong cybersecurity strategy can greatly reduce that percentage and offer a better corporate image and greater peace of mind for customers.

There are different devices, such as anti-malware software and firewalls that are essential, but it is not enough to connect only these programs, other procedures must also be carried out that can avoid such threats and solve some attacks:

  • Back up all business data to password-protected devices or into the cloud.
  • Instruct all company workers not to open links or attachments that come by email or text messages, even if they think the sender is trustworthy.
  • Keep all the software updated to the latest versions, both of the operating systems of the computer equipment, browsers, firewalls and the CMS, PHP and the Plugins of the website and / or the App of the company.
  • Always use strong passwords and if possible double check them to keep accounts more secure.
  • Make sure that all your company’s computing devices have a password, pin, or other fingerprint-type mechanism to log in.

It is important that you have an IT department in your company or, failing that, hire an external company to keep all data protected and prevent hacking of company devices to guarantee the security of the information that companies handle.

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