Process Planning

IT organisations always find themselves looking for tools that allow them to automate tasks, mitigate risks, reduce costs and generate technological synergies.

Process scheduling was developed for these organisations created by companies’ technology departments. This process scheduling allows work flows to be developed, implemented and managed by applications with greater speed, continuity and reliability.

To achieve their objectives, these platforms are responsible for linking infrastructure, data and traditional applications to current technology such as multicloud environments, big data, containers and automation tools.

In addition to the above, these platforms provide granular date and time scheduling functionality that supports the optimisation of work flows. This allows for the conditioning of executions based on results and slots for work in progress, providing comprehensive control at all times over the state of each process.

Famytec Solutions has specialists who help organisations to design and implement planning platforms, advising and guiding them to the best possible performance of their tools.

Main features of project planning platforms:

  • Minimum human intervention.
  • No in-depth knowledge of operating systems require.
  • Single focal point of control.
  • Interdependent multiple platforms.
  • Detailed information on every process and generation of alerts.
  • Extensive planning capacity and the possibility of personalised calendars.
  • Dependencies and conditions: advanced planning capabilities.
  • Able to review previous days’ scheduling and to simulate future days’ planning.
  • Reporting and rapid problem detection.
  • Integration with technologies such as SAP, Big Data and Cloud.