IT services are a set of practices or activities focussed on the management of companies’ IT assets. Its principal objective is to enhance these assets, improving their usage and enhancing services offered both internally and in the market in order to improve and grow the business.

These services are governed by a set of practices, standardised in different methodologies, such a Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and similar, which are responsible for defining the processes that companies must follow in order to optimally carry out (?) their business activities.

These processes require human teams to undertake different levels of activity for the optimisation and improvements proposed by these methodologies.

A toolset emerges, unifying all the components oriented to IT service management. These are responsible for putting into play all the elements expressed here in order to achieve the targets set by the above – mentioned market standards.

In order to meet the demand for the components of this toolset, Famytec Solutions specialises in their sale, design, implementation, development and administration. At Famytec, we carry out the integral management of all these tools, at all levels, as well as offer support in process design and implementation and a team with experience and expertise in this set of services and technology.