Gamification is an educational practice that has gained momentum thanks to digital environments.

The objective of this model of learning is to apply the thinking logic of games to professional environments to achieve training objectives, promote creativity and propose “teaming” actions.

Famytec Solutions provides customised gamification experiences for its clients.

Due to this practice, learning is favoured:

  • It increases learning motivation in workers, given that it generates greater acceptance than traditional ways of training.
  • By producing greater interest, knowledge is boosted.
  • It confronts the worker with different levels of difficulty, in the style typical of video games with progressive complexity.
  • It improves strategies for problem resolution.
  • It boosts attention by turning obligation into a game and feeling able to understand concepts that are easier to demonstrate through these techniques.
  • Famytec Solutions conducts training based on gamification to make training activity attractive, achieving better results in the qualifications of employees.