Monitoring and Discovery

DISCOVERY Discovery is one of the IT tasks that has become the basis for new IT Asset Management (ITAM) practices. ITAM as a process aims to control costs, manage risks, maximise value, support asset decisions and comply with requirements and contracts. In this way, discovery (with its corresponding tools) and its configuration management database (CMDB) become essential elements in the management and optimisation our assets.

Famytec Solutions, with its team of experts, provides analysis, consultancy, implementation and support of the necessary platforms to optimize discovery and asset management.

MONITORING The role of monitoring is to observe the behaviour of components of the technology infrastructure in order to detect any fault. The malfunctioning of these components can lead to system crashes or reduced infrastructure performance.

The monitoring discipline is responsible for supervising and controlling infrastructure components and, when possible, automatically repairing detected faults. As a result, a large amount of extremely useful information is generated for use in the administration of service levels, asset processing, availability etc.

Thanks to this, we can anticipate service problems and resolve real time issues more quickly by boosting the service with automated corrective actions. We can also provide more dynamic support for business operations, improve understanding of components and increase user satisfaction by speeding up incident response and reducing their frequency.

At Famytec Solutions, we help clients to decide what to monitor, what level of monitoring is required, what form of monitoring is appropriate and then select the tools to use and implement as well as train personnel in this area.

Tasks in which we support our clients:

  • Network Management.
  • Applications and Systems Management.
  • Event Management and Centralisation.
  • Discovery and Inventory Management.
  • Capacity Management and Capacity Planning.
  • Transaction Management.
  • Log File Management.
  • Service Impact Management.