The proliferation of high range performance infrastructures, their offshoring and the unprecedented increase in organisations’ dependence on them has made the securing of systems, networks and technology platforms absolutely essential to ensure information security that companies manage and the business continuity that they support.

This situation gave rise to the birth of cybersecurity as the field of technology responsible for guaranteeing the continuity and integrity of IT systems and platforms.

For this, cybersecurity is supported by increasingly widespread compliance and quality standards that demand high levels of quality from businesses in the defence of their systems.

Famytec Solutions has developed cybersecurity services to support its clients in securing their technology infrastructures.

Famytec Solutions Services:

  • Cybersecurity Services
    • Ethical hacking.
    • Web application auditing.
    • Internal hacking.
  • Security Auditing
    • Infrastructure auditing.
    • Internal auditing.
    • Auditing of web applications exposed to the Internet.
    • Security auditing of networks and firewalls.