Systems and Services Administration

Infrastructures increasingly require strong specialisation for their administration and management.

Systems and platforms have multiplied exponentially. This means that the task of recruiting talent with knowledge of all of these systems and platforms is arduous for organisations.

At Famytec Solutions, we provide the client with the option of focussing on their business, allowing them to delegate the critical task of keeping their infrastructure operating optimally.

This allows for resource savings. We can manage and monitor organisations’ systems and services 24 hours a day.

Famytec Solutions Services:

  • SYSADMIN services.
  • Operating systems administration.
    • Windows Server.
    • Debian, Linux and Red Hat.
  • Application administration.
    • Apache and Nginx.
  • Database administration.
    • Oracle Database.
    • Microsoft SQL
    • MariaDB y MySQL.
  • Administration of Office365 and GSuite services.
  • Administration, configuration and support of basic data processing centre (DPC) infrastructure (including network equipment, firewall and load balancing).
  • Design of test environments.
  • Systems and infrastructure management.
  • Design and execution of load and high availability tests.
  • Systems and applications auditing.
  • Computing, network and storage virtualisation.